Cypress Senior Living


Goal: Execute CDP’s first 9% LIHTC project in California by converting a blighted unreinforced masonry building in the heart of an Armenian community into a vibrant housing community for the elderly.

Located in the bustling urban City of Glendale in Los Angeles County, Cypress Senior Living is one of CDP’s first projects and the first to have a Veterans set aside. Completed in 2014, the major renovation of this older brick masonry building represented the opportunity to provide critically needed housing to the senior population in Glendale. Consisting of studio and one bedroom units, the renovation encompassed a substantial renovation of the interior of the units, the building systems, and the exterior to create a healthier living environment. Although on a small urban lot, the project included reclaiming an unutilized rear dirt yard space through a partnership with The Ecology Center whereby a community garden and outdoor recreation and barbecue space was created. The garden boxes, Mediterranean inspired planting palette, and the edible planting around the site create a unique opportunity for the residents to connect with the source of food. The interior of the building includes a small community room, book share library, and original artwork.


Cypress Senior Living represents CDP ability to turn constraints into opportunities and to exercise creative vision in the repositioning of an underutilized asset in the community. Through a partnership with the City of Glendale’s Housing Authority, Cypress Senior Living is more than just a standalone CDP project. CDP was able to secure competitive 9% Low Income Housing Tax Credits which allowed for not only a significant renovation but also for the permanent low rents serving elderly residents making 40%-60% of the Area Median Income and providing dedicated units for Veterans. This project came to fruition after two rounds of competing for the tax credit financing thanks in part to a patient Seller and tepid market.

  • Number of units: 18
  • Lot size: 0.25 acres
  • Density: 72 units/acre
  • Unit size: 344-672ft2
  • Unit mix: 14 Studios, 4 1BD/1BA
  • Parking Spaces: 10
  • Affordability: 30%-60% AMI
  • Total Cost: $4.9
  • Architect: Egan Simon
  • Contractor: ICON Builders
  • Property Management: FPI
  • Non-Profit Partner: Integrity Housing


CDP is proud to partner with these organizations, dedicated to bettering the lives not only of The Cypress Senior Living’s residents, but of those lower-income residents in surrounding communities.

The Ecology Center

The Ecology Center was tasked with turning the lemons into lemonade by creating a design to transform a small rear yard and ancillary areas into a thriving living ecosystem that created an area of refuge, recreation, and inspired consciousness for the residents. Small and mighty in every sense of the saying. The space is no longer a small dirt rectangle but is now occupied by productive and beneficial plants. There is an herb garden, fruit trees, natives that attract pollinators, culturally specific plants, and garden boxes for growing veggies and other edibles.

Art From The Ashes

In our first partnership with Art From The Ashes we sought to replace the typical off the shelf generic art that would be used to decorate the common area spaces and instead to have AFTA curate original artwork from local and regional artists. We wanted to both support the local arts community by purchasing work from artists and also to create a connection and enhance pride of place for our residents.

Chelsea Hover

CDP tapped a long time friend of Kyle and Eric Paine to paint a mural that would be inspired by conversations with the Veteran residents of the community. Chelsea was able to to turn a bland wall in the parking lot of Cypress into a beautiful symbol of community and appreciation for the dedication of the Vets that serve our country.

EMBRACE (Establishing Meaningful Balanced Relationships Around Community Experience)

Onsite EMBRACE connects residents to services in the community and facilitates their access to governmental programs. Additionally, coordinators provide onsite services tailored to the specific needs of the residents. Embrace’s skilled coordinators assess residents’ goals, evaluate available resources, and offer a variety of educational, recreational, and social activities. Classes geared to financial fitness, computer literacy, English as a Second Language (the majority of Cypress Senior Living residents speak Armenian as their first language), health, nutrition, and fitness are popular.