We develop and operate sustainable, life-enhancing affordable housing with a focus on long-term community engagement. Our mission is to enhance quality of life through community development centered around affordable housing.

We achieve this through thoughtful planning, vibrant design, innovative collaborations and deep commitment to place and people.

CDP is pursuing our B Corp certification as a reflection of our dedication to our mission and priority of impact over profits.  Our work is driven by who we are and guided by the following values.

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We are architects of change.

CDP is dedicated to social change by reimagining community development from the ground up. We’re driven to strengthen the fabric of cities and towns by meeting the housing needs of diverse local citizens and integrating sustainable planning, design, and policy solutions. Through all stages of conceiving, planning, financing, and operating a new project, we center community, environment, and craft. The results show this – 19 developments (and counting) that integrate long-term social and cultural programming, symbiotic partnerships, and innovative, sustainable design.

In each neighborhood we have invested in, we’re there to stay. We hope our holistic approach will raise the bar and inspire an entire industry to see what’s possible when deep values combine with design thinking.


We’re strategic optimists

We see opportunities where others see obstacles, and have the experience and vision to turn risks into rewards. Our founders have over 30 years of combined experience working with cities and public agencies to bring new investment into existing neighborhoods. Our team is skilled at harnessing diverse resources and partners to share and realize big dreams.  Since 2011, CDP has successfully built a portfolio of 19 unique projects comprising over 1,400 units and $300 million in total development costs. As our cities and lifestyles change, mixed-use, affordable housing will only become more crucial, and we’re honored to grow with and serve the next generation and beyond.


We believe in quality not quantity.

We’re very selective about our projects and have always focused on going deeper, not wider, in the places we work – because they’re the places we live, too. We treasure the local, and the ability to drive transformative change through everyday engagement and a human scale. This is reflected in our integration of sustainable building practices that are energy-efficient and economically sound.


We’re a family.

Both literally and figuratively. Founded by two brothers, Eric and Kyle Paine, CDP prides itself on a talented, close-knit team, and on forging long-term relationships with each community we build.

Beyond our in-house team, CDP collaborates with the industry’s most progressive thinkers and highest-caliber third party architects, general contractors, financial partners, non-profit organizations, and property managers who share in CDP’s core values of ethical, efficient, sustainable, and community-oriented development.

Each development is formed in close collaboration with a local artistic or social platform that runs long-term programming for residents and neighbors, ranging from organic vegetable gardens to job training courses to after-school art programs.

Development Process

Feasibility Analysis
A development feasibility study examines options for realizing the value of a real estate asset and balances the owner’s range of economic and other goals. The analysis is tailored to the specific qualities of the property, but typically investigates different program options and associated market, entitlement and financial feasibility issues. The feasibility analysis will inform the owner of viable options for site development and is designed to lead the owner to clear decisions.

Consultant Team Selection
The most critical element of the project success is the selection and management of the team members who will contribute to the realization of the project vision. The team includes our non-profit partners, architects, land use planners, general contractors, economists, property managers, financial partners, and legal advisors. All consultants are selected not only for their professional expertise, but also for their ability to participate in an integrated design process where all team members work collaboratively to achieve the project’s goals.

Project Financing Strategy and Procurement
CDP’s leaders have strong track records in securing a broad range of innovative project financing due to our development capacity and depth of project expertise. In addition to our procurement of low income housing tax credits and the respective investors therefrom, we partner with established advisors in securing acquisitions, development, construction, and permanent debt financing. Our focus is on projects that utilize a mix of public and private financing strategies including low-income housing tax credits, new market tax credits, bond financing, public subsidy, green-targeted grants and loans, and real estate tax exemptions.

Green Development Strategies
Green development and design strategies are most successful and most cost effective when they are integrated into the initial project concept. We strive to achieve visionary goals through practical strategies and building technologies. Green project goals identified at the beginning of the project are incorporated into all aspects of the design as it proceeds through the development process.

Design Phase Management & Integration of Green Principles
Our development expertise provides for comprehensive management and integration of the project’s program, financing, design, engineering and construction professionals. CDP’s green design and construction expertise allow us to collaborate with consultants to cost-effectively integrate green principles into all aspects of the design. We coordinate the design process to ensure that the project qualifies for green incentive funding and achieves targeted green certifications.

Contract Bidding and Selection
We incorporate constructability and cost considerations into the decision-making process throughout design development, resulting in a project that conforms to projected budgets. We manage the contractor bidding process such that the bidders fully understand the objectives of the proposed project and are able to submit the most accurate and cost-competitive bid. Our construction expertise extends through the bid evaluation and negotiation process to the selection of a contractor who will realize the project vision with rigorous cost control.

Construction Phase Management & Job Cost Accounting
Our in-house construction experts participate in the design development process to ensure that key constructability, budget and green considerations are incorporated into the project design and to oversee the project’s general contractor. Once construction has commenced, we track construction progress, make regular site visits, and continue to manage all team members to deliver the project on-time and on-budget. We have particular expertise in managing the payment requisition process to conform to all public and private financing requirements.

Property Marketing, Stabilization, and Term Operations
Our development group collaborates and supervises the property manager to ensure that the project is successfully brought to market. Our team manages the marketing, advertising, and branding experts as well as brokers and leasing agents to create a clear and consistent message for the project. We seek to develop a unique identity for the property based on the green and programmatic elements that not only promote a quality residence, but also contribute to the social and environmental health of the entire community.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statement

In our relatively short history, Community Development Partners has succeeded in bringing its mission-based orientation to multiple developments in a number of West Coast communities.  Our continued success with comparable developments in four Western states has brought us to a more complete understanding of the societal costs of any diminution in our country’s social equity and the results of failing to embrace the diversity that characterizes our communities and nation. These understandings have led us to formalize polices that we hope will help in overcoming these inequities and the resultant problems that they produce. 

We will, therefore, dedicate our best efforts to increasing both social equity and diversity in all aspects of our work.

Although our company directly employs a limited number of professional staff, we are committed to pursuing a diverse workforce, to welcoming and including people with different identities to our team.  Further, we aspire to engage those with which we do business in the pursuit of increasing our social equity performance.  Currently over 40% of our workforce is comprised of individuals who self-identify as members of a protected class and over 40% of our Executive Team is comprised of such members.  Our commitment is to maintain and, over time, to increase these percentages.

We recognize that maximizing improvements in the social equity impact of our business will occur when we both pay close attention to our own actions and ask those in our supply chain to do likewise. Therefore we have instituted a policy to review all our professional contracts and our purchases with an equity lens and, with solid data to guide us, search for ways to make improvements in our performance.  Equally important, we are asking all those with whom we do business for information on their social equity performance.  With this action we hope to persuade all those with whom we have relationships to evaluate ways in which their practices can contribute to opportunities for those stymied by disadvantage to be more active participants in the wealth of our society.