We believe at our core that stable housing is necessary for a high quality of life. We approach every new development through the lens of the local community and make sure to include all of our stakeholders, both internal and external, in the conversation. We collaborate with the industry’s most progressive thinkers and highest-caliber third party architects, general contractors, financial partners, non-profit organizations, and property managers who share in our mission and values.

CDP changes the system of access to housing in addition to the lives of its residents. We partner with existing, local organizations who are dedicated to the populations they serve and passionate about a mission that is compatible with CDP’s. Such partnerships allow us to develop community capacity, authentically connect to the families being housed, and build diversity, equity, and inclusion into housing opportunity.


CDP partners with federal, state, and local government agencies to execute local and regional strategies. We have a close-knit network of service and development partners that we are grateful to collaborate with, that are central to our impact. Our roots in ecology drive our decision-making and programming, and we strive integrate sustainability in meaningful ways. We support the arts community and partner with local creators to bring public art installations, ongoing lifelong learning classes, and cultural richness to our developments.


CDP partners with federal, state, and local governmental agencies to execute local and regional strategies. We are highly experienced in navigating complex financial layering and intricate ownership structuring in public-private partnerships while delivering best-in-class results


CDP has a close-knit network of service and development partners that we are grateful to collaborate with. These passionate organizations are central to our impact and the philosophy of how we build community. We realize that together we are stronger than the sum of our parts and we leverage this cooperation to maximize outcomes.


Our roots in ecology drive both our design decisions and our long-term programming. Through thoughtful design we are striving to integrate sustainability in meaningful ways. Hands-on education and access to fresh, local food are key ways we strive to improve the health of our communities.


Art is a critical component of well being and CDP is a firm believer in the value it provides to our residents. We support the arts community and we partner with creators to bring public art installations, ongoing lifelong learning classes, and cultural richness to our developments.

We Thank
Our Partners

CDP partners with like-minded non-profit organizations by sharing our development and financial capacities which help realize housing goals for specific income or demographic populations. These project partnerships often form long-lasting relationships in which both parties experience synergistic growth.

Our Development Process

01Feasibility Analysis

A development feasibility study examines options for realizing the value of a real estate asset and balances the owner’s range of economic and other goals. The analysis is tailored to the specific qualities of the property, but typically investigates different program options and associated market, entitlement and financial feasibility issues. The feasibility analysis will inform the owner of viable options for site development and is designed to lead the owner to clear decisions.

02Consultant Team Selection

The most critical element of the project success is the selection and management of the team members who will contribute to the realization of the project vision. The team includes our non-profit partners, architects, land use planners, general contractors, economists, property managers, financial partners, and legal advisors. All consultants are selected not only for their professional expertise, but also for their ability to participate in an integrated design process where all team members work collaboratively to achieve the project’s goals.

03Project Financing Strategyand Procurement

CDP’s leaders have strong track records in securing a broad range of innovative project financing due to our development capacity and depth of project expertise. In addition to our procurement of low income housing tax credits and the respective investors therefrom, we partner with established advisors in securing acquisitions, development, construction, and permanent debt financing. Our focus is on projects that utilize a mix of public.

04Green Development Strategies

Green development and design strategies are most successful and most cost effective when they are integrated into the initial project concept. We strive to achieve visionary goals through practical strategies and building technologies. Green project goals identified at the beginning of the project are incorporated into all aspects of the design as it proceeds through the development process.

05Contract Bidding & Selection

We incorporate constructability and cost considerations into the decision-making process throughout design development, resulting in a project that conforms to projected budgets. We manage the contractor bidding process such that the bidders fully understand the objectives of the proposed project and are able to submit the most accurate and cost-competitive bid. Our construction expertise extends through the bid evaluation and negotiation process to the selection of a contractor who will realize the project vision with rigorous cost control.

06Property Marketing & Operations

Our development group collaborates and supervises the property manager to ensure that the project is successfully brought to market. Our team manages the marketing, advertising, and branding experts as well as brokers and leasing agents to create a clear and consistent message for the project. We seek to develop a unique identity for the property based on the green and programmatic elements that not only promote a quality residence, but also contribute to the social and environmental health of the entire community.