Alberta Abbey



Acquire a former church building in a high priority, historically African American area of North/Northeast Portland to build upon and stabilize the existing non-profit arts organization to create a positive social impact and preserve affordable arts space that will be synergistic with CDP’s collaboration with Self-Enhancement Inc. on the Alberta Alive developments.  The Alberta Alive communities are in close proximity to the Alberta Abbey, are co-owned by Self-Enhancement Inc. and prioritize serving those displaced from the historic community.

Located in the heart of North/Northeast Portland, the Alberta Abbey building is the former Mallory Avenue Christian Church which was converted in 2013 to a neighborhood-based performing arts and artist office space to nurture and preserve the art scene on Alberta Street, with a focus on serving the Black community as gentrification was rapidly pushing artists out of the community.


CDP acquired the Alberta Abbey building in 2013. The Seller of the property had help found the Alberta Abbey Foundation to master lease and operate the building, but between a small and fragile Board of Directors and the Seller lacking the time and physical presence to invest the energy needed, the building and organization were both struggling to survive. The building also had potential to be listed on the national historic registry, potentially providing long term preservation of the important community asset as well as providing a conduit for historic tax credits which could bring valuable financing for improvements to the table. CDP was able to lead the renovation of the building along with the land-use process in order to have the building listed both locally and nationally as a historic landmark. CDP also entered into a new long term master lease with the Alberta Abbey Foundation that provides the non-profit with a long-term option to acquire the building at a predetermined, discounted price that is well below actual appraised value.  The medium-term vision is for the Alberta Abbey Foundation to conduct a capital campaign to gain ownership of the building in order to have permanent control over the community asset.

  • Lot size: .23 acre
  • Total Building Size: 23,347 ft2
  • Financing: Acquisition Loan From LIIF, HTC
  • Architect: MWA


CDP is proud to partner with these organizations, who are critical team members that share our mission of enhancing quality of life for the communities in which we work.

Alberta Abbey Foundation

Since its inception in 2015, Alberta Abbey’s mission has been to nurture the arts and sustainably address the need for affordable art spaces in NE Portland by providing affordable education, gallery, studio, and performance space to community members of all ages. To learn more, please visit: