Rocky Hill, Vacaville, CA


Goal: Utilize former RDA land surplus to provide a permanent housing solution for formerly homeless veterans and veteran families using cutting edge sustainability practices.

Located in the suburban City of Vacaville in Solano County, Rocky Hill represents CDP’s commitment to solving the housing crisis using innovative techniques. In this project, CDP explored new construction techniques, combining those with known sustainability features, wrap around services, and public-private partnerships to improve the housing development model.

This exploration led to CDP’s goal of using shipping containers to provide a sustainable solution to housing that would decrease the overall timeline for construction — helping the City meet its goal of housing homeless veterans as soon as possible. The project was designed promote interaction among residents, with open corridors and community amenity spaces that provide opportunities for formerly homeless veterans to reintegrate into the community. Further, the development site was provided so it could be part of a catalyzing broader neighborhood renewal — connecting to other nearby nonprofit partners to coordinate services and strengthen the community.

Rocky Hill provides 11 units of permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless veterans combined with 28 units of low-income veteran family housing. The project includes solar panels, a community garden, children play area, local artwork, computer lab, and onsite offices for property management and case services.

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Rocky Hill Veterans Apartments is one of CDP’s most complicated development projects and the first concept to include permanent supportive housing.

Working with the City for over 6 years on the City owned site, CDP was able to develop the site for the City’s preferred target population and leverage resources from the City of Vacaville, the Housing Authority, the VA, HCD, Federal home Loan Bank of SF, the Home Depot Foundation, non-profit investors, service providers and the LIHTC program along with private investment to provide housing the City needed.

The project was CDP’s first development designed to incorporate shipping containers, thanks to CDP’s vision and project partners interested in the potential advantages and willing to try the new approach. Ultimately, the project utilized 54 shipping containers, which serve as the structural framing for the 15 of the 39 apartments plus the community room. The single use re-purposed shipping containers were fabricated offsite, shipped to the property and completed by the general contractor. The remaining units were built with stick frame construction, allowing for a real time comparison of construction methods which CDP will use going forward to further refine the construction process.

Number of Units: 39
Lot Size: 1.40 acres
Density: 27 DU/acre
Unit Size: 480-1280 SF
Unit Mix: 12 studios, 15 3BD/2BA, 12 4BD/2BA
Parking Spaces: 69
Affordability: 15%-60% AMI
Architect: G7A
Contractor: Precision General Commercial Contractors
Property Management: Eden
Non-Profit Partner: Integrity Housing, Eden


CDP is proud to partner with these organizations, dedicated to bettering the lives not only of Rocky Hill Veterans’ residents, but of those lower-income residents in surrounding communities.


Integrity Housing
Based in Orange County, CA Integrity Housing (IH) is a non-profit owner and operator of affordable housing throughout California. IH has been a partner with CDP on multiple affordable projects in CA, AZ and OR. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the projects from soft financing consultation and grant writing to operating expertise.

As the leader in Solano County homeless Veteran services, Community Action North Bay provides essential case management to those veterans most in need. At Rocky Hill CAN=B will be providing case management services for the homeless veteran population.

Eden / Caminar
The mission of Eden Housing is to build and operate high quality, well managed, service-enhanced affordable housing communities that meet the diverse needs of lower income families, seniors, and persons with disabilities. As an ownership partner, service provider and property manager Eden is involved in multiple facets of the project.