Closing Announcement: Motel 6

We are thrilled to have successfully closed on Motel 6 earlier last week!

Located in Costa Mesa, California, Motel 6 provides 88 units of permanent affordable housing, with 30 reserved for formerly homeless Veterans, 10 for individuals struggling with mental illness and at-risk of homelessness (Mental Health Services Act eligible tenants), and 47 set aside for very low-income seniors.

Motel 6 is a Homekey project, a statewide effort to sustain and rapidly expand housing for individuals experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness. Homekey is an opportunity for state, regional, and local public entities to develop a broad range of housing types and convert them into housing. CDP partnered with Mercy House on this project, who will provide on-site resident services.

Funding for the project includes soft funds from the City of Costa Mesa, County of Orange, and the State of California totaling over $21MM, in addition to 30 PBVs and services dollars. The site was designed by City Fabrick and will be built by MFRG Icon in two construction phases.