The communities we serve are at the heart of CDP’s mission and vision. All our projects provide supportive services and programming for residents and their surrounding communities. We seek to meet the individualized needs of each community and create opportunities for people to connect with one another, learn, and develop new skills and engage in healthy lifestyles. CDP is committed to enhancing the lives of residents by providing them with foundations and pathways for growth and success. This work wouldn’t be possible if not for the dedication and commitment of our many resident services providers that serve our communities on-site every day.

At CDP, we approach resident services differently from traditional developers. We collaborate with co-owners and co-developers to ensure comprehensive resident support. We work diligently to identify outstanding service providers in the community, guaranteeing that residents receive excellent services from the nearest, most knowledgeable, and capable partners. CDP invests in supportive services at all properties within our asset management portfolio.


5,600+ Residents Housed
35 Properties Owned and Managed
30 Partner Agencies

2023 In Review

Meals Provided


Meals Provided in 2023

Resident Events


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Invested in resident services in 2023

Resident Home Purchases


Residents have moved out due to home purchases in 2023

Programming and Events

Our goal is to drive transformative change every day in our residents’ lives through impactful programming and services. CDP communities prioritize resident programming in five key areas: Ecology, Intergenerational Living, Lifelong Learning, Health & Wellness, and Arts & Creativity, providing a comprehensive living experience for all residents.


Ecology-focused resident programming plays a crucial role in promoting sustainability, environmental awareness, and overall well-being within communities.

Several CDP properties feature on-site community gardens, providing residents with the opportunity to cultivate produce and encourage healthy eating habits. In addition, outdoor activities and workshops connect residents with the surrounding natural environment.

Intergenerational Living

Intergenerational living services are designed to foster connections and interactions between individuals of all different age groups within the community.

Regularly scheduled activities and events are coordinated to bring residents of all ages together, creating opportunities to learn from one another, share experiences, and develop meaningful relationships. Our properties offer shared communal spaces that are accessible to residents of all ages, encouraging social interaction and collaboration across generations.

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning services are designed to promote ongoing education, personal growth, and skill development. Tailored for youth, families, and adults alike, these services provide valuable opportunities for individuals to expand their knowledge and explore their talents.

Resident services encompass a range of offerings including continuing education, after-school activities, financial assistance, and job search training and strategies. Through these options, residents are empowered to improve their quality of life and work towards achieving their individual goals.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness services include a wide variety of programs and initiatives aimed at promoting physical, mental, and emotional well-being within a community.

Residents have access to a range of amenities and services aimed at promoting their health and wellness, including fitness classes, healthcare resources, and mental health support. These offerings allow residents to prioritize their health, adopt healthy habits, and access the resources they need.

Arts & Creativity

CDP’s Arts and creativity resident services offer a range of programs and activities designed to inspire artistic expression, nurture creativity, and promote cultural enrichment among residents.

Programming includes art classes and workshops, performance opportunities, and community showcases, cultivating a vibrant and dynamic community where residents can explore their creative potential and connect with others.


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Rockwood Village

Rockwood Village is a five building workforce housing project located in the heart of the Rockwood neighborhood in Gresham, Oregon.

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Mamook Tokatee

Mamook Tokatee is located on NE 42nd, a commercial and transit corridor in the Cully neighborhood. Cully is one of Portland’s most racially and ethnically diverse neighborhoods; it has also seen significant investment and change in the last decade, putting it at high risk for the displacement if low-income households.

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La Placita Cinco

Located in the heart of Santa Ana, La Placita Cinco, formerly known as Tiny Tim, revitalizes an underutilized strip center in a neighborhood that has not seen significant investment in over five decades, but is drawing attention due to its proximity to the City’s plan to develop a new light rail along 5th street where the project is located.

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Archways Santa Ana

Located in Santa Ana, CA, Archways Santa Ana is comprised of 85 units of affordable housing reserved for individuals and families earning 30%-60% of the area median income (AMI).

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